Mission Control for Governments


Data for Good is the World’s Mission control Centre of Global Goals and challenges.
The online platform’s social features and the For Good “Big Data Exchange” enables governments to communicate and gain insights.

Data For Good is the world’s largest visual data platform with the
aim of creating a more sustainable, transparent and social world.
We do this at a local and international level together with an ecosystem of citizens,
companies and governments. We achieve this by identifying/supporting and
mapping sustainable and social initiatives and verifying their impact.

Data for Good Mission Control for governments is facilitating every country in the world with an online dashboard and ecosystem per SDG – Sustainable Development Goals.





Map your Global Goals and make the SDG map visible on mission control

Share your knowledge in the DATA FOR GOOD mission control community

Report on the Global Goals

Search on social and sustainable products and companies

Get insights with validated citizens, company reports about what is really going on in your region

Use the Mission Control member logo on website and promotional materials

Create Support

By publishing efforts within the scope of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), transparency is generated. In addition risk monitoring stakeholders see which measures & responsibilities the city upholds in the field of supply chain transparency, sustainability, economic growth etc.

Receive Feedback

Gain responses on how citizens, stakeholders and companies experience the impact of transactions or decisions.

Get Insight

Through various reports from the community you can extract which measures are successful and where adjustments are needed.


Share insights and learn from worldwide experiences in other cities and learn from them.

Take Control

SDG Mission Control empowers countries to control the sustainability of the region and manage positive behavioral change in specific area's

SDG Mission Control Membership

  • SDG Board Practice
  • SDG Workshop met stappenplan
  • Maandelijkse toegang voor 4 personen bij de Mission Control Room Meetings
  • Online SDG Mission Control Dashboard van de organisatie zelf
  • SDG Mission Control banner
  • Logo vermelding op de partnerpagina op de Mission Control websites
  • Drie keer per jaar Burger Activatie Acties op de SDGs in de regio
  • Online Procurement Dashboard om Circulair en Duurzaam inkopen te stimuleren binnen de organisatie
  • Raad Verzoeken voor de Scientist Boards
Kosten deelname per jaar:
4500,- voor gemeenten en waterschappen
7500,- voor Provincies, en resterende overheidsinstituten